We engage a conscious effort to get along with you and feeling every business perspective so that we empathize the business problems and empower the value proposition. The brain storming activity with every stake holder influencing the solution gives us 360 degree dimension.
We conclude and carry forward thought underlining the following

User perspective

We understand the success of any solution is adapting the solution thus the most ignored and vital understanding required to frame out any solution is addressing and complementing user. We at ILM investigate and analyse explicit and implicit requirement building a strong user profile which shall be referred in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Business Analysis

We at ILM Interview every business stake holder to understand the objective of the solution which may be having direct and indirect implication. Justifying value with effort and optimizing the resources is the key element consider. This process helps us in mocking our self to every business scenario. This also gives an edge in building a solution which can be maintain, extended and scaled for continuous scope of improvement and iteration.


This is a process of dressing every single nodes of requirement with all said and unsaid information in finally drafting the solution goal. Advocating User, Business, Competition and extensibility we map every corners leading to structured and related requirement. This also paralleled with feasibility and scoping with frameworks and technology making sure it doesn’t become hurdle to the expectation.