Application Modernization

I have Mobile why do I need smart phone?

Application Modernization applies to software that is rich in functionality and over a period of time has been highly-tuned to work with individual businesses. However, until you see advantages you get with smart phone you will not realize need for change. But when world is moving you can’t have the application with a non-graphical user input screen, difficult to learn and use, or application running on outdated or expensive hardware.

One may resist the change but prevailing technologies offers many benefits like:

  • Small learning curve
  • Better UI, helping eliminate human error.
  • Increase the speed, lesser bandwidth requirement, lesser breakdown and maintenance cost.
  • Connecting the application to other programs to allow the sharing of data.
  • Migrating application from the old (legacy) systems to run on new Hardware.
  • Dramatically cut the operating costs of business critical applications.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improves business agility.

Use of business intelligence in modernization

Modernization is fundamentally about returning applications to best support the needs of the business. We must take advantage of the business value that has been embedded within these systems. This requires that we locate which systems are most misaligned with our key performance indicators, and prioritize realignment activities based on their value to the company. By sharing information about application portfolios, users can better respond to the needs of the business. And they can start reallocating resources away from the daily fire fighting toward higher value enhancement activities.

Business intelligence for applications allows the following:

  • Manages to better prioritize maintenance activities based on business needs.
  • Business analysts to better communicate development needs.
  • Development managers to better focus effort.
  • Developers to better execute necessary changes.
  • Improved knowledge transfer between development teams.
Modernization may involve isolating and reusing logic in an SOA, or a newly developed or packaged application. It could be by eliminating inefficient architectures and code that have led to inflexible and risky applications.